Deadwood and Wild Bill Hickok

One of the town signs as you enter historic Deadwood, South Dakota.

One of the town signs as you enter historic Deadwood, South Dakota. Photo: Kevin Lee McIver

I travelled out west over the summer to visit the Battle of Little Bighorn National Battlefield.

During my trip I also visited many historic locations including Wounded Knee and Deadwood.

History buffs and movie watchers know about Deadwood as it was where famed gunman and lawman “Wild Bill” Hickok was murdered in 1876.

Check back soon to read more about my trip to see America’s Wild West.

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Walther Arms P22 Pistol

Walther P22

The Walther Arms P22 is a high-tech, modern, and accurate firearm.

The Walther Arms P22 pistol is a good little firearm for plinking, concealed carry, and personal protection.

With just under a 3.5 inch barrel coming in at an empty weight of 17 ounces, it conjures up thoughts of James Bond flicks and Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

The Walther P22 double-action semi-automatic is a joy to shoot and is very accurate at close range. This little .22 caliber firearm comes with extensions to help owners mold the pistol to their grip.

The only nuance for me was the location of the magazine release, which is under the rear of the trigger guard. With my large hands, I unintentionally engaged the release at the range, dropping the magazine. I was also unfamiliar with the release system, which likely contributed to this, but it only occurred one time.

As for backup and conceal carry, the small, lightweight frame makes it a good choice for those wanting a .22 caliber handgun.

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Indiana’s Rose Island at Charleston State Park

Charleston State Park's Rose Island kiosk sign.

 The sign describes the recreation area at Rose Island that was abandoned after the great flood of 1937. Photo: Kevin Lee McIver

Charleston State Park near Charleston, Indiana, affords day hikers, picnickers, fisherman, campers, and historians many opportunities to explore.

Some 13 miles of trails rated easy to rugged ensure hikers can do a leisurely mile to combining several trails that include fairly steep climbs through the hills overlooking the Ohio River.

For historians and those just wanting a glimpse into the past, you can walk down to Rose Island. Rose Island was a famous recreation area near Louisville.

During the summer months, thousands of visitors were transported via paddle-boat steamers to the site that included a hotel, cottages, dance hall, and even an outdoor “in-ground” swimming pool.

Author Kevin Lee McIver at Charleston State Park in Indiana

Author Kevin Lee McIver at Charleston State Park in Indiana

During your walk down at Rose Island, you can read information at well-marked locations along the path and even turn the hand-crank which powers an audio version.

audio kiosk

Audio kiosk along the Rose Island trail. A crank of the handle and push of the button allows visitors to listen to history of the area. Photo: Kevin Lee McIver

Overall, the state park is an excellent day trip for locals or for those out-of-towners wanting to experience American history.

Kevin Lee McIver


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Glider Flight – Soaring above Kentucky

Glider on the airfield in Bardstown, Kentucky.

Glider on the airfield in Bardstown, Kentucky.






Groovy Outdoors team lead takes to the Kentucky skies aboard a glider with the Louisville Soaring Club. Be sure to watch the video below.

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Websites for Outdoor Recreation


If you are unsuccessfully searching the web for outdoor recreation information, then start with

This site features all the federal government’s recreation sites including camping, cabins, parks, picnic shelters, lakes, beaches and more. You can also review photographs and maps, in addition to viewing available sites by date and booking online. 

Be sure to create an account at the site as it will speed booking your next outdoor adventure.
For more information visit

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Survival Tip: Choose Gerber Survival Gear

If you are looking for rugged, reliable and proven survival knives and related gear, then check out the highly useful items at Gerber.

This isn’t the line of quality baby food, but time-tested high-quality equipment made in the U.S.A.

In fact, many years ago I carried a Gerber Mark II Commando Knife as a U.S. Army Ranger (2/75 RLTW). Today, I continue to carry many items when backpacking the great outdoors including a Gerber folding knife, sheath knife, and fire starter. These are not bulky items, but compact outdoor gear that are easily carried.

You can rely on the Gerber name, so check out their latest line-up at Gerber Gear. Also, let us know what you think about Gerber and other outdoor gear by sending us a note and a photo.

Here are some more survival tips:

Kevin Lee McIver

Author & Pro-Team Staff

Best caliber for hunting Deer?

I have been asked this many times over the years. It might be a .30-.30 in the Georgia woods or a .270 along the cornfields of Iowa. What is most important is the skill of the hunter with that rifle. Check out my hunting stories for a great article on this topic.

Kevin Kee McIver

Fed web helps plan your next adventure

Good web to recon outdoor sites such as cabins, camping, lakes, beaches, and other options is where you can even book online. We have used a few times and like the feature to see what is available by date. So check it out and send us a note and photo about your experience.

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Alaska cabin rentals

Alaska travel tip: Rent a Forest Service cabin for under $40 a nite.

Read more about Alaska at

Alaska Travel Tip

Here is a great Alaska Travel Tip for getting a choice seat or table on an Alaskan ferry when you have two or more people traveling together and you are taking a vehicle.

First, one drives vehicle onboard while the others walk on to secure seating/table in the lounge. Walk on passengers board prior to the vehicle loading and it takes a while to get the vehicles onboard and then get your gear out of the vehicle and to the seating area or cabin. So this way you get a seat or table with a view and a perfect location on the ship.

More great tips and techniques can be read in my new eBook for Mac and iPad and available from the iBook Store: Alaska Via Inside Passage.

You can also sign up to follow my blog at my author website at

Lastly, I am providing 100 free copies of my new eBook Alaska Via Inside Passage to those readers who sign up this week to follow my blog. Remember, the eBook is available for Mac and iPads only due to its interactive content and video.

Keep traveling!

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