Fishing Tip of the Week

When creek or small river fishing, carry a couple of small floating minnow-type artificial lures in your vest. Pick ones that are about 1.5 inches long, which will run about a foot below the surface of the water making them great for sunfish and smallmouth bass.

How-to Squirrel Hunt – Tips and Tactics

How-to Squirrel Hunt – Tips and Tactics with Groovy Outdoors host Kevin Lee McIver. In this podcast episode, Kevin talks about how to get into the great sport of squirrel hunting. Click below to listen: Listen on iTunes Listen on Soundcloud

How to Prepare a Survival Kit

You likely have heard about the need for a survival kit, but exactly what items should you have in your kit for an emergency? Your kit should be small enough to carry, it should be made of tough materials, and it should be waterproof, or at least water repellent. Contents depend on where you are located or traveling, […]

Pistols for Deadly Predators

Many year’s ago I read a very informative article on what weapons should be carried when traveling in big predator country occupied with bears, wolves or lions. I later thought much about this when I lived in Alaska and had to select my own weapons to carry, so now I’d like to share some insight into this […]