Groovy Outdoors is a product of ARCVET LLC. Groovy Outdoors provides information on outdoor-related sports and activities. Many of these activities can be hazardous, to include hunting, fishing, firearms, and reloading. Every individual, group or organization should exercise safety, good judgment, and take the necessary safety precautions, when attempting any of the outdoor activities described in this book. All associated manuals and instructions that accompany any outdoor products should be read thoroughly and fully understood. Consult with certified outdoor safety instructors before beginning any outdoor activity and consult with a physician before undertaking any physical activity. Ensure all local, state and federal hunting and sporting regulations are followed. Neither ARCVET LLC nor the staff can be held liable for any incident, accident, injury or death that may result from undertaking outdoor activities. Neither ARCVET LLC or staff assume liability for any errors, omissions or discrepancies. Above all, be safe, be cautious, abide by hunting, wildlife management, firearm, sport shooting, fishing, and boating laws and regulations, and enjoy your outdoor adventures. If any information believed to be incorrect is found, please notify us so that information provided can be corrected.

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