Scot Flapjacks

Here is a good recipe for my Scot Flapjacks that are terrific any time of day. Ingredients:   Item Quantity All-purpose flour 2 cups Sugar 2 tspns. Baking Powder 3 tspns. Salt 1 tspn. Soda 1 tspn. Buttermilk 2 cups Egg 2 Corn Oil 2 tbspns. Directions: Mix all the dry ingredients in a large bowl Combine remaining ingredients & mix thoroughly until no lumps remain Cook on a hot griddle or in a hot skillet on…

"Scot Flapjacks"

Highland Venison Steaks

Here is my recipe for some great tasting deer steaks. Ingredients:   Item Quantity Venison 5 round steaks Carrots 3 sliced Onions 2 sliced Olive Oil 1/2 Cup Water 1 Cup Vinegar 1 Cup Cloves 3 Whole Oregano 1/2 tbsp. Garlic 2 tbsp. Directions: Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl Add venison Let marinade overnight in ice chest or frig Cook steaks over a grill or in a cast-iron skillet on medium heat until…

"Highland Venison Steaks"

Scouting for Whitetails

  It’s never too early to begin   I love gun hunting for whitetails, but consider myself an avid archer. One thing I learned years ago was to make the most of my pre-gun season scouting during bow season. Scouting for the proper hunting area is a must to ensure success. Many hunters spend unaccountable hours in a stand, only to return home empty-handed. Yet, if those hunters had done some good scouting ahead of…

"Scouting for Whitetails"

Mendenhall Glacier Pic

Photo of the Groovy Outdoor staff Kevin & Amy at the Mendenhall Glacier on the Tongass National Forest. With some 800,000 visitors, including 400,000 from cruise ships visiting Juneau, Alaska, it is one of the top tourist locations; yet the trails provide peace and solitude just steps from the visitor’s center. Photo: Leo K. McIver Kevin Lee McIver Groovy Outdoors Head Guru

"Mendenhall Glacier Pic"