Prepare for Squirrel Season

Squirrel hunting season is nearly upon us in most parts of the country. If you are new to the sport, or have not hunted in a while, let’s review some information and tips to help you prepare.

Kevin Lee McIver shooting a shotgun in Alabama.
Kevin Lee McIver shooting a shotgun in Alabama.

Squirrels are abundant and not nearly as hunted as they were in old grandpa’s days. You can head to any woods (or urban neighborhood for that matter) and find these little rodents running along the ground or leaping from tree-to-tree. Of course do not hunt them in your backyard, else here comes the law…and remember the song…the law won.

Squirrels eat a variety of nuts, vegetation, and even an insect when available and they are often the first small game taken by our newer generations of young hunters.

What make this a terrific sport for hunters of all ages is there are more targets, you get some exercise while hunting, and you don’t sit your butt in a tree stand all day like for deer hunting.

So, here are my five Groovy Tips if you are heading to the woods to do some squirrel hunting:

  1. Dress in camouflage. The squirrels might not notice, but it will make you look cool in front of your hunting buddies.
  2. Likely you won’t forget your gun, but remember to bring some ammunition. Just yelling “bang-bang” won’t put a critter in the kettle.
  3. As for your gun, don’t bring a cannon. These guys are small and you’ll blow them in half if you bring a 10-gauge.
  4. Don’t forget your hunting license. Mr. or Mrs. Park Ranger can’t get paid if you don’t support your statewide Department of Fish and Game.
  5. Bring some insect repellent and use it. Everything out there in the woods wants a part of you from ticks, to chiggers, to mosquitoes. Haven’t you read the news lately?

Lastly, squirrel is an excellent food source and tasty fried or cooked with dumplings.


Kevin Lee McIver

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Kevin Lee McIver

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