Walther Arms P22 Pistol

Walther P22
The Walther Arms P22 is a high-tech, modern, and accurate firearm.

The Walther Arms P22 pistol is a good little firearm for plinking, concealed carry, and personal protection.

With just under a 3.5 inch barrel coming in at an empty weight of 17 ounces, it conjures up thoughts of James Bond flicks and Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

The Walther P22 double-action semi-automatic is a joy to shoot and is very accurate at close range. This little .22 caliber firearm comes with extensions to help owners mold the pistol to their grip.

The only nuance for me was the location of the magazine release, which is under the rear of the trigger guard. With my large hands, I unintentionally engaged the release at the range, dropping the magazine. I was also unfamiliar with the release system, which likely contributed to this, but it only occurred one time.

As for backup and conceal carry, the small, lightweight frame makes it a good choice for those wanting a .22 caliber handgun.

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Kevin Lee McIver

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Kevin Lee McIver

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